Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world with a high population of around 7million. This means that there is enough man power for your company. You should know that Hong Kong has some of the best international educational institution that provides some of the best international business curriculum. In simple term, Hong Kong has all the necessary types of professionals that you would like to employ in your business or company.

This city is located right in the middle of Asia and it is the only English speaking city in Asia. This makes it the best gateway to use in case you are interested in penetrating through the Asian market. The government of Hong Kong has done all it can to open up for the international trade. Some of the measures this government has taken to ensure this include;

Imposing only three types of tax and getting rid of some of the most costly taxes. In Hong Kong, only three types of taxes (profit tax, salaries tax and property tax) are imposed on all investors’ i.e. local investors and foreign investors

The government treats both local and foreign traders the same way without favoring any side. This makes it very easy and comfortable for foreign investors to carry out their business activities in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong immigration department is very friendly. It allows for an investor to move in with his family regardless of the number of people making up the family. Apart from this, Hong Kong provides you with the right type of house that will fit you and your family comfortably.

In case there is a need for you to import a professional for a specific reason in your company, the Hong Kong immigration will be of a very great assistance for you. In most countries, it takes so much time before the paper work for such individuals are processed and such processes include things like investigating such individuals which seems not to be very friendly.

The Hong Kong ports are also in the best condition and they also have some of the modern technologies that are required to ensure safety of all your products. The time and process taken to clear goods from the ports are simple and fast and this creates a favorable environment for carrying out business. The port services are affordable and no tax or other extra fees are demanded from you.


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