Investment procedure:

Financial Advisory services which is provided by a financial advisor mainly deals with the investment procedure. The major service of this sector is to its clients who include the guidance for financial products and services based on their licenses and the training they had. May create financial plans are created by the financial advisor for clients or sell financial products, or to the combination. The laws and standards differ from country to country.

Competitors: The trend setter

Increased growth opportunities are there in new markets. National and global competitors are there to compete. Competitors act as a trend setter in the market. Competition the game of success and failure decides the grown of the company. A proper and good decision saves and a bad decision will kill in this current market condition. Advisory services from a qualified financial advisor are needed to maximise the profit and minimise the risks available.

Financial Advisory services:

The major financial service that every company needs is Risk Management. Risk management deals with the risks that can occur mainly in the form of accidental losses and designing and implementation procedures which help to minimise the occurrence of risk. The financial advisory services include:

  • Anti-money laundering.
  • Liquidity risk.
  • Enterprise risk management and governance.
  • Regulatory and compliance risk.
  • Corporate treasury services.
  • Technology.
  • Credit risk.
  • Operational risk.
  • Market risk and quantitative advisory services.
  • Economic capital and risk-adjusted performance management.

Financial planning:

Financial planning is an essential part in the planning process of the entrepreneur. Several reasons are there for its importance the major thing is to help the entrepreneur how to use the money efficiently and keep the business running. A good financial plan is required for every business plan.  Financial planner a type of financial advisor who helps in money managing is an individual who uses his ability for companies or individuals to meet their financial goals for long term. Financial plan consist of three main sections:

  • The Starting Balance sheet
  • The Pro-Forma
  • The forecast of cash flow.

A financial advisor professionally helps to create a complete estate and tax plan, maintain investments, broker the purchase and sale of stocks and funds License is needed for a public financial advisor who provides financial advisory service. Depending upon the service provided by him additional credentials are also needed in addition.