Investment procedure:

Financial Advisory services which is provided by a financial advisor mainly deals with the investment procedure. The major service of this sector is to its clients who include the guidance for financial products and services based on their licenses and the training they had. May create financial plans are created by the financial advisor for clients or sell financial products, or to the combination. The laws and standards differ from country to country.

Competitors: The trend setter

Increased growth opportunities are there in new markets. National and global competitors are there to compete. Competitors act as a trend setter in the market. Competition the game of success and failure decides the grown of the company. A proper and good decision saves and a bad decision will kill in this current market condition. Advisory services from a qualified financial advisor are needed to maximise the profit and minimise the risks available.

Financial Advisory services:

The major financial service that every company needs is Risk Management. Risk management deals with the risks that can occur mainly in the form of accidental losses and designing and implementation procedures which help to minimise the occurrence of risk. The financial advisory services include:

  • Anti-money laundering.
  • Liquidity risk.
  • Enterprise risk management and governance.
  • Regulatory and compliance risk.
  • Corporate treasury services.
  • Technology.
  • Credit risk.
  • Operational risk.
  • Market risk and quantitative advisory services.
  • Economic capital and risk-adjusted performance management.

Financial planning:

Financial planning is an essential part in the planning process of the entrepreneur. Several reasons are there for its importance the major thing is to help the entrepreneur how to use the money efficiently and keep the business running. A good financial plan is required for every business plan.  Financial planner a type of financial advisor who helps in money managing is an individual who uses his ability for companies or individuals to meet their financial goals for long term. Financial plan consist of three main sections:

  • The Starting Balance sheet
  • The Pro-Forma
  • The forecast of cash flow.

A financial advisor professionally helps to create a complete estate and tax plan, maintain investments, broker the purchase and sale of stocks and funds License is needed for a public financial advisor who provides financial advisory service. Depending upon the service provided by him additional credentials are also needed in addition.

A business unit is comprised of structure, strategy, operations and management. Although the job of a manager is considered very challenging, that of a management consulting is even more so. A management consultant must be able to prove himself to be a provider of solutions and the more innovative they are, the better they work in the corporate environment. The development of sectors, services and products all require management consultancy. Various departments such as marketing, HR, IT and finance can have their own management consultancy teams.

Management consulting works on a project basis. The job to manage the department remains with its managers but a consultant comes into view when there is a specific goal to be attained or a specific problem to be solved. It requires careful examination of the situation and analysis of all the factors involved. A consultant will not know the business as the managers do so the first step towards the goal is to understand business unit and its associated challenges. Customers keep changing for the management consultant with very project. But it is necessary to adapt to the various working styles in order for work to be delivered.

Most companies will hire management consultants on a one off basis to deal with a particular problem but some may have permanent positions based on their project work requirement. Management consulting also requires the executive to provide coordination services between the customer requirements and the development provided by the business unit. This service is especially useful within the IT industry.

A management consultant, if not working with a company directly can join a consultancy firm where his services will be utilized on various client projects. Strategic planning, listening, business analysis client management and team building are the various aspects that a management consultant must be apt with together with being able to think out of the box and providing a new perspective. Innovative solutions are often accepted sooner but several issues have traditional solutions that may not have been tried in that department. A management consultant is expected to know how to implement solutions as well coming up with them.

Management consulting work provides several opportunities to a person to look at his own overall growth and development. This is because of the massive number of situations that one may get to deal with very early on in their careers. Travelling and facing multiple clients are all a part of the work profile too.

Japan is one of the most developed economies in the world today. It actually ranks the fast as a tiger economy. The reasons for this growth are industrialization among other factors. For this reason, Japan has many working fields in all the scopes of any state. Like any other service provider, these Japanese companies interact with different people from within the country and also from all over the world. There are very many Japanese international companies that are located in most parts of the world depending on the business location by the mother company.  These companies provide services and products to their customers. In order to make good sales and to have a good international and customer reputation, Japanese companies practice good service provision to their customers. In Japan, good service provision is part of the broad choice of careers. There are professionals who are able to offer these service provision lessons

Service provision in Japan

As is evident in the various Japanese customer service providers, they have a very good customer reputation which comes from the quality services that they offer. Good customer service is key to the expansion and also the overall performance of a particular business entity in any country. The performance of many Japanese companies that have thrived is influenced by the high level of customer service that they give. Among the biggest companies in the world are Japanese companies such as the electronic market which produces most of the electrical appliances in the world. Another market that is so evident in almost all over the world is the Japanese motor industry. Japan has the biggest motor vehicle industry in the world. This is among the best performing industry when it comes to service provision.

Effects of good customer service

Like is evident in many companies, Japanese customer service provision helps build the relationship with the customers which will in turn lead to high level of performance by that company. The motor industry in Japan as an example is among the biggest international industry that has done best against every other competitor in the world. This has been made possible through the high quality service they have offered their customers. This has helped in building of trust with their customers and also building of good customer relationship. This in turn is rewarded by the high level of performance by these companies. Good service provision in Japan has been among the driving factors of the success in all their economic sectors that involve service provision.

Annual examination for the company is carried out by each incorporated company in accordance with the rules and regulation of the place of incorporation. This helps them to qualify for their business operation on the current basis. Requirements of the examination differ from place to place.

Annual examination for the company that are situated in Hong Kong

According to the Hong Kong law, a company in Hong Kong needs to carry out annual examination on the day of its incorporation anniversary so that it functions legally. The company needs to draft constitutional documents to the government, prepare declaration for the yearly general as well as board meetings. All this is done with respect to the law of the country. Professional consultant can be hired to conduct the exam. These consultants assess the risk and give particular advices to improve the finance of the company.

What are the procedures of annual examination for a company?

The procedures included are

  • To sign the annual report that has been file
  • Conduct annual examination
  • Renew the certificate of trade registration
  • Deliver annual return of the company

What is covered under annual examination?

  • Annual return of the company is declared
  • Trade registration certificate is renewed
  • The authorities like secretary are re appointed
  • The address of the registration is also renewed

The examination has to be conducted with t42 days of the anniversary of the registration every year.

Penalties for not conducting of the annual examination of the company

Late examination are fined as follows

  • If the examination is conducted after 42 days but within 3 months of the date of registration anniversary then the penalty fined is 870 HK$
  • If the examination is conducted after 3 months but within 6 months of the date of registration anniversary then the penalty fined is 1,740 HK$
  • If the examination is conducted after 6 months but within 9 months of the date of registration anniversary then the penalty fined is 2,610 HK$
  • If the examination is conducted after 9 months of the date of anniversary registration then the late penalty incurred is 3,480 HK$
  • If the examination is conducted after 30 days of date of anniversary registration then the fine incurred is 33HK$

Hence a professional help and advice is must for any company to carry out its daily operation smoothly.

Guide to opening up a business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the main investment areas today. One of the main reasons behind this is its locations and accessibility. It is located at the heart of Asia making all other Asian markets accessible. There are some simple steps that one might opt to follow in order to start a Hong Kong business. These steps aim at simplifying the process of business opening in Hong Kong. When it comes to opening any business, time and affordability are the main factors that should be considered. With these steps you will be able to save time and save some money for the process to be successfully completed.


The steps to take include;

1. Type of business- Make a decision on the type of business that you want to open. Ensure that you take a look at market and find out if the business you intend to open will be successful. This will also guide you on the best area to open up the business.

2. Get all the necessary documents- research online and find out all the necessary documents that will be required in order to open up the business. Make several copies of these documents so as to have them ready when required. This information is readily available on the government website.

3. Choose the best method of opening the business- there are mainly two ways of opening up a business in the region. You can either opt to start up the company from scratch or buy a shelf company. A shelf company is an already registered company that is for sale. The benefit of shelf companies compared to new companies is faster registration procedures. Ensure that you research on the benefits and disadvantages of both processes before choosing any specific method.

4. Find a business consultant- a local business consultant will be able to provide you with all the necessary consultation services to hasten the process. This is also one of the best methods of avoiding scams.

5. Choose a name- choose a name that greatly describes the intended business. Even in the case that you opt to buy a shelf company, it is advisable to change the company name once the whole process is complete.

6. Start the opening process- once you are able to follow all the above steps, you will be readily equipped to start the process with ease. This should be done as fast as possible in order to avoid time wastage.

Knutsford-TerraceApart from the perfect commercial hub that Hong Kong is known for, this city also acts as a perfect residential place for very many individuals. There are a number of factors that draw people to this city making to be one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in Asia. Ranging from its spectacular scenery, busy night life and its expansive site, this is one of the greatest cities that Asia could offer. Moreover, the high level of security that is ensured by the security forces also makes this city very attractive to many residents. Another major boost to this city’s population is the multilingual nature of most Hong Kong occupants making interaction and fitting in of new investors a rather simple task. The major languages used for business purposes are English and Chinese in as much as a greater percentage of the natives use the Cantonese language for informal communications.

Hong Kong also proves attractive to many individuals due to the ease of finding residential places. Unlike other major cities which experience hardships in sustaining their population, this city has room for all its occupants and finding a house of residence is similarly easier. Depending on your financial status and preference, you can have a house of your choice in Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer high class apartment in the developed parts of the city or simple traditional homes in the country sides bordering Hong Kong. The various real estate agents that are present within the city are often more than willing to assist visitors to settle down with least efforts possible. Even those who are in Hong Kong for short term business trips have reasons to smile as the city pays home to many well serviced apartment that are out for short term renting.

The city’s current robust population can also be accredited to over fifty International learning institutions that are based within it. These offer varied curriculum of different countries including UK, German, Japanese, Korean and even Canadian which in turn attract many students from the respective nations. The healthcare system that is offered in Hong Kong also seems to play a major role in attracting residents. A wide range of healthcare services are offered by qualified professional at relatively economical prices. Lastly, the exciting social life experienced in this city also attracts people. It is massively endowed with many pubs, chambers of commerce and networking clubs which make it a perfect residential hub.



下载When you hire the search engines optimization business to enhance your website naturally, you should know a little regarding organic SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It is a procedure and ranking of the site here rely on the quality of a web site. There is not any direct price involve to get higher rank. You may get higher position only if anyone work hard for you to optimize your website on-page, which is keywords, along with off page, that is link building. Both these two different types of optimization perform important role within your sites position. When you can get top quality back links for the site, you will get larger ranking upon search results. This action needs a lot of work and individual.

Search engine optimization is really a time taking procedure. Alongside on page along with off page optimization, there are numerous small methods you need to follow with regard to better position. With regard to desired rank, you need to apply all of these techniques with each other. Its consist of keyword evaluation, link building as well as link reputation, directory distribution, social networking and so on. Make sure the business you are employing for SEO objective practices simply white hat technique.
What exactly is white hat technique? Key word evaluation, directory submitting, social networking along with link building or popularity building usually are white hat technique. However ensure you get back link as well as link to just good quality sites. Connecting to link companies or obtaining back links through spam sites would be harming to your site. Or, when the company you will have hired with regard to SEO, providing you with back links only from sites or social networking guide marks, after that it is barely an effective SEO business.

How you can find a trusted SEO business who will exercise simply white hat techniques? Talk to your buddies, business lover or earlier clients that have earlier caused the business. The thoroughly tested Hong Kong SEO business will be usually a reliable one. SEO specialist here will not link your web site to a junk website or to a hyperlink firm. Most importantly, read the recommendations. This will likely assist you to know what sort of a business it really is. And when it is a great search engine optimization company, they are going to follow a specific strategy to enhance your site, for example examining competitors online marketing strategy, keyword along with competition evaluation, etc. and will make you stay updated regarding all these numerous actions.

Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world with a high population of around 7million. This means that there is enough man power for your company. You should know that Hong Kong has some of the best international educational institution that provides some of the best international business curriculum. In simple term, Hong Kong has all the necessary types of professionals that you would like to employ in your business or company.

This city is located right in the middle of Asia and it is the only English speaking city in Asia. This makes it the best gateway to use in case you are interested in penetrating through the Asian market. The government of Hong Kong has done all it can to open up for the international trade. Some of the measures this government has taken to ensure this include;

Imposing only three types of tax and getting rid of some of the most costly taxes. In Hong Kong, only three types of taxes (profit tax, salaries tax and property tax) are imposed on all investors’ i.e. local investors and foreign investors

The government treats both local and foreign traders the same way without favoring any side. This makes it very easy and comfortable for foreign investors to carry out their business activities in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong immigration department is very friendly. It allows for an investor to move in with his family regardless of the number of people making up the family. Apart from this, Hong Kong provides you with the right type of house that will fit you and your family comfortably.

In case there is a need for you to import a professional for a specific reason in your company, the Hong Kong immigration will be of a very great assistance for you. In most countries, it takes so much time before the paper work for such individuals are processed and such processes include things like investigating such individuals which seems not to be very friendly.

The Hong Kong ports are also in the best condition and they also have some of the modern technologies that are required to ensure safety of all your products. The time and process taken to clear goods from the ports are simple and fast and this creates a favorable environment for carrying out business. The port services are affordable and no tax or other extra fees are demanded from you.


High superiority infrastructure is crucial to the economical operations of any business. Hong Kong offers one amongst the foremost advanced business infrastructures within the world, including:

Award-winning landing field

Hong Kong International landing field is one amongst the world’s busiest international airports and a hub for many international airlines. It’s one amongst solely 3 landing fields within the world with a 5-Star Skytrax rating and has been hierarchal the world’s best international airport for eight of the past 12 years. Getting to and from the landing field couldn’t be additional convenient. The journey time between the central downtown and therefore the landing field is simply twenty three minutes on the landing field express rail link, and in-town arrival is out there up to every day before departure.

International connectivity

For business associates, maintaining different markets from Hong Kong is easy. Flights are accessible to quite a hundred and eighty cities, as well as forty eight locations in Communist China, with fashionable destinations usually served by multiple daily flights.

State-of-the-art communications

Hong Kong has one of the best telecoms infrastructures that permit users to figure efficiently and impeccably – at really reasonable rates. The 3G and broadband networks cover virtually 100% of the territory, providing firms and people with reliable, accessible and secure communications. In the economic e-readiness survey by Intelligence Unit in 2010, Hong Kong was arbitrated to own the most affordable net and transportable services in the world.

An international provision and shipping centre

The natural problem port and commerce history has created town one amongst the  major international ocean and air loading hubs in the world, accounting for pretty much a 3rd of exports of Communist China. Being an ideal loading hub, Hong Kong managed an airfreight of about 4.03 million tonnes in 2012. Its ocean ports were busy with berths in Shenzhen and Hong Kong together making the busiest international sea loading region.

An easy commute

Reliable, economical and extremely affordably priced, transportation service of Hong Kong is foremost. Ninety percent of the 11.5 million everyday traveller journeys are on commercially operated trains, trams, buses underground and ferries. Public transportation charges are low, normally costing below $1 per journey. Taxis of Hong Kong are even bountiful, affordable and most drivers speak enough English to induce you efficiently to your destination. Hong Kong’s convenient transport network unveils a wealth of options for businesses and families. Firms seeking less expensive workplace locations can move off from Hong Kong’s central business areas while remaining among straightforward motion distance for employees and purchasers.

When you start a small business in Hong Kong, you will need funds. Businesses without the capital will struggle within the first six months. There are a number of options available for those in need for businesses. It is important to look into each of the options and determine the best one for your needs.

A Business Loan

A business loan is often one of the first thought of options when looking into funding but they are not necessarily the best. Loans can offer a quick way to gain the money that you need and then pay it back over a period of time. It also gives your business the chance to build up a credit history for later needs. There is interest paid on the loan and it works similarly to personal loans and mortgages.

You will need to have a business account, in the name of your business, and a strong business plan. This plan will need to show how you believe you will build the equity over the years, the type of profit you expect and how you will spend the money. It is important to spend the time building up the business plan – this will also help know the direction that you want to take your business in the future.

You Own Savings

Many people consider using their own savings for their business as a form of investment. Investing in your business should offer you a retirement fund but, like all other investments, there are risks to it. It does not guarantee that others will invest into your business but can lower the risk of having to default on a loan if the profits are not as expected.

Always make sure you have a business account. Using your own personal account for your business will mean that you are financially linked to your company. This could mean that investors and other businesses will go to you personally to recoup the money should your business fail.

Looking for Investors

Investors are a great way to help fund your business. This is seen on the stock market on a daily basis. Hong Kong businesses offer shares in the business for a set amount of money and the investors gain a share of the profits on a monthly and yearly basis. Many businesses opt for this option but you will need to make sure you keep the main share to make the main decisions – losing more than half of the business means that you will struggle to make decisions for your company.

You are not guaranteed investors into your company. They will want to see the profits you are making, the business plan and want to input ideas into how the business is conducted. You will need to determine the amount of shares you are willing to offer and the amount that you want for those shares, which can take time and effort. There are also different types of investments to consider, including private equity funds and stocks.

Take your time to determine the best form of funding for your business. There are government grants available, which may be worth looking into. These grants are not repayable and will help to get your business started. Having forms of funding will help you grow and succeed. You can opt for different methods at different points if you decide that you need more funding and you have become successful enough to look into investment and loans.