Hong Kong has transformed into an international destination of choice as people from different parts of the world have settled in Hong Kong for the last 150 years. Hong Kong is the hub of a huge and diverse international business community with international businessmen settling here to explore various opportunities.

Hong Kong is easily Asia’s most cosmopolitan city and provides a complete services and support infrastructure required to make international residents comfortable. However, even with the international appeal, Hong Kong has been successful in retaining its core identity and rich culture – which is why it has been rightly named as “Asia’s world city”. It is a compact city with a happening nightlife and a very friendly international community that makes it favourable for expat living in Asia. Additionally, Hong Kong has always been reputed to being one of the safest cities in the world.

In Hong Kong, the English language is part of their official languages, while several other languages are widely used through out the city. There are very supportive national associations which welcome new families and help them settle in Hong Kong. Additionally, for business ventures, there are several national chambers of commerce which look after new setups and help them through the entire process. Moreover, Hong Kong is home to several international schools and cater to more than twenty national groups.

A huge majority (97 per cent) speaks Cantonese in Hong Kong, but the medium for all business communication is usually English. In fact, Hong Kong happens to be a bilingual city that has two official languages:  Chinese and English. All the information on billboard signs on roads, government and other commercial websites, announcements are provided in both Chinese and English in order to cater to the huge international community in Hong Kong.

It is extremely easy to find a suitable home in Hong Kong as there is a wide array of residential options and locations here. One can choose from high-rise apartments in the city centre and the traditional houses in the city outskirts. The setup in Hong Kong helps expatriates choose a lifestyle that suits them – there are beachfront apartments located away from the buzz of the Hong Kong city, new town developments that are extremely friendly to family residents; and slow and simple village of New Territories and the Outlying Islands. Apart from attractive schemes on residential ownership, Hong Kong also provides abundant options for quality rented accommodations through several real estate agents.